Friday, February 27, 2009

I have started an new project. (Yay!) I used red heart yarn again, (Shade 971, Camouflage) and I am making a scarf for my aunt. It's a simple stitch, even if it's not a commonly known one, called Extended Double Crochet (Edc). It is one in a family of extended stitches, such as Extended Single Crochet (Esc) and Extended Treble Crochet (Etr). You basically do this:

yoh, insert hook into stitch, yoh, pull through stitch (3 lps on hk), yoh, pull through 1 loop, (still have 3 lps on hk) yoh, pull through 2 lps, (2 lps on hk), yoh, pull through remaining 2 loops.

It's kind of confusing at first, but after a couple rows, you get least, I did. :)

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